Monday, 10 April 2017

Decorating College Apartment in a More Personalized Manner

A typical dorm’s room is usually a mess when you enter into it. The wall paint is usually peeled off, cabinets and closets are in bad shape and there is everything unorganized. Good news is that you can easily decorate or personalize it according to your taste.

Decorating a dorm’s room isn’t a task that will require you to be a top level designer. You just need to know about organizing things on basic level. Then you can take rest of the help from the tips which we are going to mention below.

The first thing you should be concerned about right after entering your room is the wall color. Paint the walls of your room with the color of your choice. If you like bright colors, you can pick white, blue, green or orange.

You need at least a couple of tables in your room. One should be a bigger table which would be a workplace for your schoolwork. Another table should comprise shelving in order to give your books an organized place. A bigger table comprising both features discussed above would also do quite well. Furthermore, you also need to have a side table that would give storage option for the items that you would want to keep close to your bed.

If you are sharing your room with a roommate, you could find it pretty difficult to continue your late-night reading habits. In that case, a table lamp with somehow dimmer light can help you a lot.

Since you would be living on your own during your stay in the dorm, it would be a good idea to have a company of your pets. You cannot bring a dog or cat in the room but you can get fishes. Arranging an aquarium seems a difficult option. So, you can arrange a glass bowl with a couple of fishes inside.

Cleanliness is one of the most important things you will need to take care of regularly. Wipe off the dust from everything on daily basis and keep the room’s floor clean. You will need to be careful if the floor is made of hardwood.

Pick the bed items appropriately for every season. Place warm pillows and cover the bed with warm sheet in winters. That would be comfortable according to your utmost desire. During summers, the bed items should be lighter and brighter.

Do a scheduled cleaning of your windows, shelves and closets every week. Use vacuum cleaner and rags to wipe out any dirt that gathers inside and outside the shelves and closets. Don’t let the dirty clothes to form a bulk which would be an immense laundry task. Instead, spend a couple of hours every week to get everything cleaned on time.